Woodwood Door Controls

HW400PV-1000 Pivot Set

The Woodwood Door Controls HW400PV-1000 Pivot Set specially designed for extra large centre hung doors weighing up to 1000Kg.  

Designed and made in the UK


Call 01376 502 131 or email sales@woodwoodgroup.com for price and availability.


  •  Retractable  pivot for ease of loading the door
  • Available with a side loading bottom strap
  •  Maximum door width  = 1.2m
  •  Maximum door height = 5m
  •  Maximum door weight  = 1000Kg
  •  Minimum door thickness = 110mm
  •  Not suitable for fire doors
  •  Heel of door must have radius to allow for clearance with frame
  •  Pivot point in centre of door thickness
HW400PV-1000 Bottom Pivot | Woodwood Door Controls

   Important information for specifying pivots:

  •  The door structure should be rigid, with minimum deflections, consult a structural engineer
  •  Ensure the structure to which the top and bottom pivots are to be fixed are adequate for the applied loads, consult a structural engineer.
  • Weight of door must be evenly distributed across door
  • A pivoted door will move freely, it should be restrained or damped by means of a door closer or other suitable device subject to its location and use.

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